Career Profile

Student of KAIST


Undergraduate Student research Intern

2022.6 - 2023.11
CASYS (prof. JongSe Park)
  • Participate in ‘Dacapo[ISCA’24]’ paper Hardware part mainly and SW simulator part a little.
  • Prepare CS411 project : Build end-to-end Systolic array on FPGA (PYNQ-Z2).


Building end-to-end FPGA_SYSTOLIC ARRAY. [Projects ( 2023.7 ~ 2023.9 )] - Build SYSTOLIC ARRAY on FPGA Board (PYNQ-Z2) using simple communication way and run real image detection model on it.
RISC-V + NPU (systolic array) for MLP task (MNIST) [2024 Spring] - Attach NPU to RISC-V and verify functionality with source code which is compiled C code. (but not synthesized yet) [Keyword : MMIO, ARM AHB-Lite, NPU, Systolic array]


  • DaCapo: Accelerating Continuous Learning in Autonomous Systems for Video Analytics
  • Yoonsung Kim, Changhun Oh, Jinwoo Hwang, Wonung Kim, Seongryong Oh, Yubin Lee, Hardik Sharma, Amir Yazdanbakhsh, Jongse Park
    ISCA, 2024

    Skills & Proficiency

    Python, C


    RTL develop (Verilog, Chisel3, Design Compiler)